Yearsley Food

Recipe for success. Yearsley goes digital, have you?

Global logistics giant Lineage Logistics acquired Yearsley Food. This sparked Yearsley’s marketing team to revamp their inconsistent branding and tired communications. Their outdated website, with its poor user experience and confusing company structure, needed a complete overhaul.

Given the sheer breadth of products and diverse customer base, the new site’s information architecture was critical. Before realigning product data, we mapped unique customer journeys. Their existing site limited Yearsley’s ability to add the latest content. We needed to empower them to promote specific products swiftly to discrete customer groups and eliminate sales barriers.

High-quality cinemagraphs showcased Yearsley’s sectors and top sellers, enhancing marketing potency and engagement, especially on crowded platforms like social media. The new website offers customers an intuitive experience, quickly directing them to relevant product data and sample requests. Sales and marketing are perfectly in sync, driving a steady revenue stream and boosting customer satisfaction.

Let us give your marketing Bigger Impact

Revamp, resonate, results. As we transformed Yearsley’s online presence, we’re ready to redefine yours. Don’t let a poor website and digital strategy slow you down. Ready for a game-changing site upgrade to take customer engagement to the next level? Talk to Intermedia.

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