Chain reaction. Digital marketing ramps up sales by 27.7%

Intermedia brilliantly reinvigorated our 144-year-old brand image while paying homage to our legacy. During our partnership, we’ve seen lead generation triple and an astonishing 27.7% surge in sales. Truly transformative.

Marketing Manager, Renold

In 144 years, Renold transformed global chain manufacture. Yet, its brand had faded with disparate messaging and communications of varying quality. We were tasked with modernising it for today’s global market while honouring its legacy. It was essential to keep the product centre-stage, catering to the needs of both engineering and procurement teams.

Outside of standardising essential communications, attracting new customers and re-engaging ones who’d drifted away, we recognised another crucial stakeholder group: Renold salespeople. Because Renold product innovation is gradual, the sales team sought novel ways to sell existing products. We outlined a scalable digital marketing and sales platform, adaptable for product and multilanguage expansion, that would also double as an onboarding tool for sales recruits.

Renold’s past product imagery was inconsistent and low-quality. Our shift to high-quality CGI imagery was a game-changer in visual impact, versatile in use across communications, including sustainable packaging. In 4 years, Renold’s lead generation tripled the industry average, LinkedIn engagement doubled, and sales soared by 27.7%.

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When we’re on your team, your vision becomes our mission. If you’re looking to empower your sales teams with potent digital tools, reignite your brand, or want colossal sales growth and efficient budget use – talk to Intermedia.

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