Marketing Strategy

For unshakeable confidence in your marketing decisions, you need an agency with uncompromising focus on your commercial goals

Marketing strategist performing cluster analysis at a desktop in a markeitng agency office

You need a strategic marketing agency to make a positive impact on your bottom line

Marketing should add customer value – not cost. But without a clear strategy, marketing activities lack commercial purpose and become a series of worthless, disjointed activities.

Clear directives and structured marketing tactics are what propels a business forward. This takes thought. It takes Bigger Thinking.

You need a strategic marketing agency that will align your sales and marketing efforts through rigorous analysis, customer insight and strategic focus. Helping you to add customer value, meet your business goals and deliver more profit.

You need Intermedia.

Our strategic approach will help you leverage your competitive advantage

When marketing’s considered, marketing communications often spring to mind. A new website, brochure, or email campaign? But this is putting the ‘cart before the horse’.

You want to grow. You want to increase existing customer sales, or break into new markets. Or you’ve high hopes for a new product that’ll smash through revenue targets. Whatever your goal, there’s no point wasting money on creative work if your competitive advantage[s], value proposition and customer benefits aren’t clear and relevant.

A strategic marketing agency, like Intermedia, can help you define these – before you jump into creative production and blow your budget.

Colourful paper notes stuck to a planning wall in a strategic marketing agency workshop Marketer creating a moving average forecast for a client as part of a strategic marketing plan
Chartered Institute of Marketing logo on blue background Two business women writing on a board during a workshop with their strategic marketing agency

Many design or digital companies masquerade as marketers. At best, selling you superficial, creative work that’s financially unjustifiable and returns nothing. This can be through active mis-selling – telling you what you want to hear. Or it can be through a genuine lack of knowledge. The outcome? Your bottom line takes a hit. And you’re left thinking that “marketing doesn’t work”.

Intermedia are Chartered Marketers. Our firm grasp of the strategic marketing planning framework helps you get Bigger Impact from your marketing communications and budget. We’ll help you distil your business’s competitive advantage and value proposition before we attempt to communicate it – creatively or otherwise.

Whatever your aim, we’ll provide the Bigger Thinking to make sure your marketing efforts improve your business’s profitability.

Marketing schedule created for a client by their strategic marketing agency

Marketing planning

A strategic marketing planning framework that removes doubt

You need confidence in your marketing strategy to stay the course and reap its rewards. You’re investing valuable time and money. But often it’s the emotional cost that’s greater. You and your board, second-guessing if the recommendations you get from your ‘marketing’ agency will work. Speculating whether your plan suits their needs, more than yours.

Sound familiar?

We remove the guesswork from your marketing decisions. No doubt.

Our robust framework and systematic processes identify the necessary activities and communications to help you realise your business’s vision and surpass your objectives.

At Intermedia, our recommendations are never based on creative whims. We apply analytical rigour in everything we do. And use it to find the most cost-effective way to reach your goals.

Analysis of fragmented, incomplete data and turning it into useful information is essential to derive powerful customer insight. The insight that will give you a winning marketing strategy, and an optimal tactical mix.

There are no hard, fast rules. We go where your objectives take us. But no one knows your company better than you. So, we always start by getting to know you, your team, and the inner workings of your business. We do this through a series of in-depth marketing workshops.

Then we go away and do the heavy lifting. We analyse internal and external research, performance metrics, and market reports. And even conduct focus groups with your existing or prospective customers if necessary. Then we synthesise this information into insight.

Whether we’re consulting on target markets, positioning or tactical marketing activities, the advice we give will always have a solid business case behind it. So in the months that follow, you’ve total confidence in your strategic decisions. And most of all, conviction that your marketing investment will be returned in spades.

Diagram of the Intermedia 'Marketing Bridge' shown on a worksheet used in marketing planning workshops

Client reviewing proposed geographic target markets on an iPad during a meeting with their strategic marketing agency

Targeting & segmentation

Focus on customers that are right for your business. Not the ones that aren’t

We help you to segment your target market into discrete customer groups, who have genuine needs from your product or service. We’ll help you focus your efforts where you can add real value, and in the process, make an above average return.

Your sights will be calibrated, so you’ll maximise profit and minimise wasted sales, marketing and operational resource.

Diagram showing clients positioning in the market created by their strategic marketing agency during planning excercises


Make sure there’s clear blue sky between you and your competitors

It’s essential to find the right place to compete in a market. A position in your prospective customers’ minds where you can be credible and your business can flourish.

We help you identify a distinct market position. We analyse how and where your competitors compete, and how customers perceive them. We’ll explore your business’s characteristics and benefits. And look for ones that are unique, relevant and valued by customers – your differentiation.

We’ll find you a competitive space your business can occupy – clear blue sky.

Then, we’ll help you own it.

Box containing assets that communicate the value proposition derived for Gap Personnel through strategic marketing planning Poster featuring the brand message created for Gap Personnel after strategic marketing planning with Intermedia

Value proposition and messaging

Remove perceived risk from your customers’ purchasing decisions by communicating value

Your value proposition tells your target audience[s] why they should use your product or service. But many propositions are mere ‘benefit-less’ features or undifferentiated ‘Me-too’ taglines. They’ve no resonance with the people you’re trying to engage. If a proposition offers no apparent value, customers won’t buy.

We’ll help you to better understand the factors involved in your customers’ purchasing decisions. We interrogate things from their perspective. What’s in it for them? Why is your product better? And why they should believe you? Then balance our findings against price, their perceived risk of a bad purchase, and effort required for them to get value from your product.

By scrutinising these factors, we make sure your proposition is clear, and marketing messages hold weight. When we’re finished, there’ll be no question why customers should buy from you, instead of the competition.

Marketing objectives & communications

Make sure your marketing communications move you closer to your goals

A winning strategy can fast become a losing one with poor implementation. We won’t let that happen.

We’ll deliver an integrated and structured marketing communications programme that underpins your strategy. Every activity will have a SMART objective to meet your overarching goals.

Your programme may have a digital advertising campaign to increase unprompted brand awareness. Powerful direct mail to generate inbound response. Or it may need to improve customer lifetime value by trebling engagement with content marketing.

We’ll scope and plan your activities into a comprehensive one to three-year marketing schedule. It’ll strike a careful balance between your business’s goals and what you can afford. Once you’ve signed it off, we’ll manage everything to strict deadlines, so you can put your feet up and catch a breath.

You’ll know what, when, where, and why customers receive your communications. And reach the right people, with the right messages, in the right frequency.

You’ll rest easy knowing we’re doing all the right things, at the right time, to make your strategy a winning one.

Analytics dashboard created to monitor the performance of digital channels utilised in a strategic marketing plan

Metrics, monitoring and control

Marketing often lacks performance metrics to prove its value. Not at Intermedia

We identify relevant metrics. The ones that matter. You’ll always see a strong correlation between what you invest and what’s returned. That might be through leads generated, market share, or customer engagement.

Through periodic reviews, we’ll work hard to report a positive marketing contribution to your balance sheet.

So, if you want a marketing agency that’s always looking for ways to improve its performance and customer satisfaction, you’re in the right place.

When Boughey needed direction, Intermedia were the strategic marketing agency of choice

Boughey wanted to expand. They’d built additional warehouse space but knew they’d have to redress their marketing strategy to stand a chance of filling it. With no marketing expertise in-house, they needed to bring in a strategic marketing agency.

With our help, Boughey got a winning marketing strategy – and a full warehouse.

Needless to say, they were thrilled with our “extensive strategic marketing capability”.

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Use our Bigger Thinking to give your marketing Bigger Impact

Bridging the gap between where your business is now, and where you want it to be takes Bigger Thinking. It’s a job for a strategic marketing agency – not an inexperienced social media company.

If you want to treble market share, send brand awareness north, or move into new markets, talk to Intermedia.

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