Igniting global interest. Mishkat's leap into sustainable energy leadership

Mishkat, an initiative of King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy, aimed to revolutionise engagement with industry leaders, technology innovators, and policymakers, part of which was to launch the Riyadh Science Centre. The challenge was to effectively communicate the kingdom’s shift towards sustainable energy and showcase this commitment in a manner that resonated with an international audience.

Given the centre’s immersive technology and 180° screens, using CGI and video was a no-brainer. This was key in translating complex concepts into engaging experiences and understandable content. The technology not only dictated the use of CGI but was also integral in developing supporting graphics, ensuring a cohesive and compelling narrative. This multi-faceted approach would present Mishkat as a hub of innovation and knowledge.

The initiative’s innovative use of CGI and immersive tech captivated the audience and significantly enhanced Mishkat’s global standing. The strategic use of visuals and future technology underscored the kingdom’s commitment to renewable energy education and innovation, reinforcing its role as a leader in the energy sector. The initiative fostered new international partnerships, contributing to a broader understanding and appreciation of sustainable energy technologies.

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