Bigger Thinking. Bigger Impact.

If you’re in a manufacturing or industrial supply chain and looking to grow but haven’t the time and in-house resources to do it, Intermedia is your go-to B2B marketing agency. We fuse razor-sharp marketing strategy with stunning creativity while keeping you up to date on digital advancements for cost-effective reach. Whether you’re a marketing director needing to ramp up lead generation or in sales, needing to showcase complex innovations through CGI and immersive technology, you need Bigger Thinking, Bigger Impact. You need Intermedia.

But why – don’t all B2B marketing agencies say the same thing?

No, not this one. We’re CIM-qualified marketers – we’ve been helping our clients grow and become more competitive for over two decades. We’ll get inside your business and understand what makes your customers tick. We’re not afraid to challenge current thinking if it means making you more successful in the future. Together, we’ll drive your sales forward and leave your competitors trailing behind.

That’s why our client relationships last years, one as much as seventeen – so we’d like to think we do our job well. Whether that be running international advertising campaigns for an enterprise-size chain manufacturer fending off lower-cost competition or a medium-size recruitment agency launching a new brand to expand its market share in growth sectors.

Need convincing?

We would. So check out a few of our case studies above. For us, B2B marketing isn’t an add-on to our business – it is our business – as it’s yours. We’re a B2B marketing agency through and through and have decades of satisfied clients and experience to prove it.

Still not sure?

As all our longstanding clients did – take the leap and try us. Let’s get a low-risk, short, sharp project off the ground. Let us prove our worth; then you decide if we just talk a good game or if we really are a B2B marketing agency that can offer you value through our Bigger Thinking, Bigger Impact approach.

Our work doesn’t just look pretty, it’s ruthlessly effective

Some clients come to us to grow their customer base, enter new markets or launch new products. Others need an agency to plug skill gaps or to ensure their communications work harmoniously across digital and traditional marketing channels.

Whatever you need from your agency, our strategic direction, specialist knowledge, and unparalleled creativity will help you get the most from your budget.

When it’s survival of the fittest, your competitors are the ones who’ll be running scared.

We spread our services wider, not thinner.

What do you need? A robust marketing strategy to boost brand awareness? Propel your lead generation into the stratosphere? Or help applying technology like AI or augmented reality? Whatever your business challenges are, we have the skills and experience you need.

As a full-service B2B marketing agency, we’ve got all your marketing needs covered, so you don’t need to juggle different suppliers. Meaning you’ll have more time to focus on the day-to-day running of your business or department. Rest easy, knowing our results-driven approach has got you covered.

Use our Bigger Thinking to give your marketing Bigger Impact

Bridging the gap between where your business is now and where you want it to be takes Bigger Thinking. It’s a job for a strategic B2B marketing agency.

If you want to treble market share, send brand awareness north, or move into new markets, talk to Intermedia.

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