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Don’t just blog – engage your customers with a hard-hitting content marketing programme

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Your customers are carrying out more independent research than ever. Before they contact you, they spend hours trawling the web – looking for the solution that best suits their needs. Instead of finding it, they’re faced with overt sales promotion. Rival brands are pushing products with little care for satisfying their customers’ wants and needs.

Don’t fall into this trap.

Your customers will become disenfranchised. Disgruntled, they’ll distance themselves from your brand – your CLV [Customer Lifetime Value] will drop, and over time, your margins will shrink.

Be proactive. Use content to place your customers at the centre of your marketing activity. If you want to build long-lasting customer relationships, provide the support they’re looking for from the second they consider making a purchase.

We’ll help you craft content that will take you a step closer to your customers – and keep you three steps ahead of the competition.

With our help, your content will engage customers and keep them hooked before, during and after the sale.

You won’t fall foul of the overt sell. Instead, you’ll prioritise engagement and authentic interaction with your brand. The kind that builds loyalty and goes a long way to positively influencing purchase behaviour.

You’ll get your customers on-side. Eventually, they’ll help you grow your business through brand advocacy. Communicate with them in the right way, and you’ll have a customer base that positively benefits your balance sheet year-on-year.

Your content will work hard behind the scenes too

We’ll make sure you rise above the waves of irrelevant blog posts and self-centric videos that have flooded the internet. We’ll satisfy your customers with content that’s unique, compelling, and useful to them. The sort of content that Google and influential trade publications can’t get enough of either.

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Keyframe from the Isofrax product marketing animation created by Intermedia – the B2B marketing agency – for Unifrax
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The backlinks you’ll attract will add rocket fuel to your SEO. With the help of your network and third-party social amplification [social sharing], your content will be one click away from connecting strangers with your brand.

While your competitors are busy publishing superficial tabloid-esque prose, you’ll be using content to raise brand awareness and attract new customers.

Our content generates results

478% Social Reach
3833% Engagement
1063 Submissions

Client performance metrics [month one] of an Intermedia content marketing campaign

We’ll help you overcome your content marketing challenges

Our team will work closely with yours. Together, you’ll develop a deep understanding of what type of content your customers want to engage with.

Then we’ll craft it for you, so you can:

  • Capture attention
  • Drive online traffic and engagement
  • Build better customer relationships
  • Bolster SEO and online visibility
  • Fuel your social media activity
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Create brand advocates/ loyalty
  • Raise credibility and authority
  • Build a social media following
  • Grow your email subscriber list
  • Generate demand
  • Improve lead quality
  • Accelerate pipeline velocity
  • Increase CLV
  • Reduce cost per lead
  • Decrease customer acquisition cost

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Sometimes, a blog post just won’t cut it

Some of the companies that pose as content marketing agencies will try to tell you their team of bloggers can run an effective content marketing programme for you. Don’t believe them.

Yes – blogging is important. But, a 1,800-word post isn’t always the best format for grabbing attention and communicating effectively with customers.

As a full-service content marketing agency, we can help you put communication first. We’ve the in-house skills to create engaging content in a variety of formats. We can produce:

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • eBooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Case studies
  • Interviews
  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Social media updates
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Product guides
  • Checklists
  • Specification tools
  • Emails

Chartered Institute of Marketing Logo Content marketing campaign map created for Gap Personnel.

We make content marketing work for your business...

Every business is different. That’s why our content marketing services aren’t ‘one size fits all’. Before we start typing or yell “lights, camera, action”, we get to know your team, aspirations and stakeholders through structured workshops.

If necessary, our Chartered Marketers can take you through the strategic marketing planning process. We’ll make sure your competitive advantage(s), value proposition and customer benefits are clear and relevant before we jump into content production.

Your content marketing will have purpose and a clear direction, so it doesn’t become a series of worthless, disjointed activities.

Content from Tuffnells website homepage displayed on a MacBook Marketing content from the service section of the Boughey website displayed on an iPhone

and, provide you with a solid foundation for your activity

Your website will be the hub of your content marketing activity. It needs to provide a solid foundation for all your communications. If it doesn’t already, our team of web designers and developers can help make sure it does before we get cracking with your content.

We’ll arm you with a winning content marketing plan – and help you action it

Once your ducks are in a row, we can make a start on your content. We’ll use the insights we’ve gained through the planning phase to pick out key topics, and form ‘Content Clusters’ [groups of content that cover a specific topic] that will connect your brand and your customers.

We’ll map content against your customers’ purchase journey so you can be confident that you’re covering all the bases they need you to.

You’ll have a coherent content marketing plan – one that works. Its performance metrics will prove its value.

Our writers and SEO experts will put your plan into action. We’ll start by creating content assets that are optimised for your website. This way, we can make sure your content will climb Google and drive traffic month after month.

Then we’ll adapt your content, so it works just as hard off-site too. Making the necessary tweaks to give it Bigger Impact on each relevant social media platform, influential trade blog and email newsletter. Our iterations will make sure you maximise engagement and shares so you can spread your brand far and wide.

Content marketing schedule showing marketing asset usage across a campaign on an iPad held in a man's hands

Google analytics SERP displayed on a mobile device Tuffnells Twitter feed showing social media content created for a marketing campaign.

You’ll reach even further than your contact database

Content only performs when it’s seen. That’s why we’ll get it in front of key online influencers and the journalists behind the publications, blogs and news sites your customers read.

We’ll make sure you get as much coverage as possible. And in the process, build the quality backlinks you’ll need to make Google pay serious attention to your brand.

You’ll cast your net wider than your own contact database without having to pay for expensive media placements. With quality content and considered outreach [relationship development for link building and content promotion], you’ll engage the people that you need to and fill your pipeline by working smarter, not harder.

B2B content marketing agency using sticky notes to brainstorm during a planning session with a client

Our content marketing solutions are made to measure

Off-the-shelf solutions will add zero value to your marketing activity. Your business is unique. So, we’ll tailor a content marketing programme to suit your needs and budget.

You might want to run a discrete campaign to get started with content marketing. You could be looking for an agency that can get under the skin of your business, and supply fresh ideas and digital marketing savvy in equal measure.

Or, you might want to use an agency as a surrogate content marketing department that can produce the quality content you’ll need to engage your customers cross-channel, and climb Google’s results pages.

Whatever you’re looking for, we can help.

You might want to test the water. Find out how content marketing can benefit your business without committing to an annual programme. No problem.

Discrete content marketing campaigns are a great way to get started. Intermedia will support you as you take your first steps, and produce results that will give your board the confidence to take more.

We can help you derive messages that will resonate with your customers. Then weave them into a piece of flagship content, like an eBook, animation or whitepaper, that will act as the linchpin for your campaign.

We’ll supply you with the content adaptations you’ll need to amplify your campaign cross-channel – on social media, email and industry blogs and news sites.

The communications schedule we’ll produce for you will help you distribute your content at the optimum frequency. Your customers won’t become bored – they’ll be happy to read your first post and the last.

You might already be producing and publishing content regularly. If you are, you’ll have a good appreciation of the demands associated with running a content marketing programme.

You’re feeling the pressure. Stuck for ideas and drowning in copy – you need support. We can provide it.

We’ll work with you to optimise your content plan. Mapping the interconnected content clusters that will address your customers’ key problems, and signal to Google that your site is a source of relevant quality content.

Our team can keep you supplied with quality blog posts, videos and infographics. So, all you’ll have to worry about is sharing them with your customers on social media and via email [we can even help with that too!].

Sometimes, your level of ambition means you need a team of content marketing experts on-demand and at your disposal. This is where engaging Intermedia becomes a cost-effective solution. You’ll have access to our industry experts and benefit from economies of scale.

Our team will immerse themselves in your business. We’ll work with you at a strategic level to help you achieve your goals in a highly structured, manageable way.

We won’t just help you connect with your customers. We’ll create dedicated content designed to engage all the stakeholders you need to keep on-side – your employees, local community and investors.

We’ll get your team on board, and provide the training they’ll need to promote your brand online. With our help, everyone in your company can do their bit.

With our support, you’ll be able to run multiple content marketing programmes simultaneously. We’ll provide all the fuel your marketing activity will need to propel your business forward – full steam ahead.

Content marketing agency team members planning a campaign in a meeting room

Content marketing FAQ

It can take anywhere between 3-9 months for content to start generating the desired results for your business. We structure all our content marketing campaigns to deliver some quick wins too. You won’t have to wait long to see the value that Intermedia can bring to the party.

Paid placements and post sponsorship is not included in our content marketing services. We aim to produce quality content that generates the desired results organically so you can reduce your media spend over time.

If you want to use paid promotion to kickstart your campaigns and compress timescales, we can provide you with the support you’ll need to make sure you don’t waste your budget unnecessarily.

If your business’s vision and objectives are clearly defined, you’re positioned correctly and you’ve already got a robust marketing plan in place, we can jump straight into producing hard-hitting communications for you.

If you need to revise your marketing strategy, or even start from scratch, our Chartered Marketers can provide the Bigger Thinking you’ll need to make sure your content marketing adds customer value and meets your business goals.

When Unifrax needed a content marketing agency, they trusted us to deliver

“The creativity and technical expertise Intermedia brought to the table was incredible. The team pushed the boundaries of our brief and most definitely over delivered.

They took the time to get under the skin of our business and understand our customers, so all of the content they created was relevant and valuable.

We certainly wouldn’t have been able to generate the results we did without them.”

Marketing Manager, Unifrax

Let us give your digital marketing Bigger Impact

Your customers don’t want to read self-serving, overly promotional blog posts. If you want them to engage with your brand, you need to provide them with content that they’ll value.

We’ll help you use content to connect with your customers – and the other stakeholders that matter to your business.

If you want to strengthen your website and social media accounts with content that will pull your audiences in and make them pay attention, talk to Intermedia.

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