Your B2B advertising needn’t be lacklustre. You can rival the most memorable ad campaigns – with the help of a good advertising agency

Boughey Distribution 'cappuccino truck' creative concept used in the adverts created for one of their annual campaigns

You need an advertising agency that’ll turn your value proposition into big creative ideas

Advertising gives you the promotional ‘air-cover’ to heighten brand awareness. It will put you front of mind and drive customer engagement. If you’re serious about winning business, advertising should be pivotal to your marketing communications strategy.

But how many times have you heard, “advertising doesn’t work”?

Well, it doesn’t work for businesses without clear value propositions and messages. Or when ‘creating’ an advert means placing a tome of technical information over a mundane product shot.

We get it. We’re all passionate about our own products. But remember, you need adverts that sell to your customers in a nanosecond. Datasheet copy and self-indulgent product shots won’t do that.

Adverts like these are often, published once, and skimmed over with no further action. They’re a waste of time and money.

If you choose to advertise, you’ve got to give your messages a fighting chance of being seen [or heard]. Your advertising campaigns need to be succinct and pack a creative punch. Otherwise, you’ll waste your time, budget and join the “advertising doesn’t work” crowd.

With Intermedia’s brand positioning process, our capability to craft messages with award-winning creativity, and production quality second-to-none, your adverts will build brand awareness – rapid.

Our experienced ad-men will help you leverage creative advertising to the max. We’ll create Big Ideas. They’ll resonate with your audience. No question. And because we understand traditional and digital channels, we’ll get your messages everywhere they need to be.

Advertising works.

If you want an advertising agency that can prove it, you’re in the right place.

Your adverts will say the right things, to the right people, at the right time

Before we jump into creating ad concepts, we’ll want to get to know your customers. What do they think about your business or product now? What do we want them to think? Why should they believe you?

Sound daunting?

Don’t worry. Our planning framework will provide the answers. If you’ve already engaged us for strategic marketing planning, we’ll have what we need [and much more].

Conceptual advert created by Intermedia – the B2B marketing agency – to promote Boughey Distribution’s reliability Print advert utilising the 100 percent consolidation grocery truck concept created for Boughey Distribution
Print advert utilising the flexible 'box-man' concept created for Gap Personnel

We’ll help you bridge the gap between what you want to say, and what your customers need to see and hear. All you need to do is make sure their experience of your business or product lives up to your hype.

With our extensive media expertise, we’ll give you an advertising schedule to suit your budget and timeline. Using the correct mix of media channels and advert frequency, you’ll hit your audience every time.

We call it Bigger Impact.

banner advert featuring the realised 'cheese food waste Pac-Man' concept created for Gap Personnel

Our advertising agency services:

Advertising agency designer using a graphics tablet to create advert artwork Display advert featuring the realised 'boot-running show' concept created for Gap Personnel


Big Ideas don’t become jaw-dropping adverts by themselves

Without great art direction, and best-in-class production techniques, you’ll never realise the full potential of a creative idea. No matter how good it is. You need attention to detail, and to strive for perfection. It’s a rare commodity. But we have it in spades – and your adverts will prove it.

Nonetheless, it’s no good having great ideas if they don’t fit with your budget. Our creative team are commercial and realistic. When they put pen to paper to create your concept scamps, storyboards, and snappy headlines, they’ll be thinking one step ahead. We’re an advertising agency that respects budgets.

With Intermedia, your concepts will always be bang on brief. They’ll be no budgetary surprises down the line. So, even when we need to create videos, CGI or photography to realise them, your ads will have the WOW factor, without breaking the bank.

Digital advertising

Precisely target active buyers and make your sales pipeline flow

Digital advertising targets buyers searching for your products or services with accuracy. It’s a flexible, measurable communications method which will suit most budgets.

With our assistance, running PPC search engine, display network and social media advertising campaigns will put your brand right in front of the people you want to speak with.

You’ll drive quality traffic to your website, which, if we’ve built it, will send your conversion rate through the roof. Prospects will get to the right landing pages, fill out your forms, and pick up the phone. Or if you’ve an e-commerce site – they’ll buy.

We’ll determine which online advertising model is right for your goals, and plan activity in meticulous detail. On set-up, your campaign will be optimised, then continuously monitored and tweaked throughout to maximise clicks and enquiries.

With our guidance, you’ll focus on quality keywords. The ones that are relevant and most searched for. You’ll have effective bidding strategies to give you best use of budget. And your landing pages will encourage prospects to click ‘submit’ or ‘add to cart’, not the back button.

Female interacting with a digital advert created for Unifrax on a LinkedIn newsfeed

It might be your first foray into digital advertising. No problem, we’ll get you started. Or you’re an experienced digital advertiser, looking to partner with an advertising agency that can take your campaigns to the next level. Either way, we’ll give you stunning creative concepts and copy that persuades. We excel at static ads, motion graphics and video advertising. And we’ve the technical ability and media planning expertise to get them out there.

So, use Intermedia’s precision targeting. And we promise you’ll blow your competitors out the water.

We’ll help you explore digital advertising platforms best suited to reaching your target audience. And arm you with adverts for:

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Facebook Ads

Full page print advert in trade magazine showing the solar powered statue of liberty concept created for Dulas Print advert utilising the 100 percent commitment cappuccino engagement ring concept created for Boughey Distribution

Press advertising

Your customers aren’t glued to their screens all the time

You need maximum reach to build brand awareness and win new customers. So, it’s important to communicate with prospects through every channel they use. That means print too.

Press advertising has declined, but by no means is it dead. It’s alive and well in trade magazines.

By building on brand association of quality industry titles, yours will ride on the authority of theirs. And with readership of those titles still being high, your brand and proposition is going to be seen.

With press advertising, your adverts have Bigger Impact. They’re physically bigger for a start. And with Intermedia’s creative skill, we’ll guarantee stand-out, even in the most influential industry titles.

Digital works in unison with press advertising, not instead of it. There’s no doubt most of us are screen-obsessed 24/7. But remember, the old faithful’s still cut it.

Outdoor advertising campaign poster on a wall next to an escalator, promoting Gap's onsite service Billboard with Unifrax's 'Greener' advert featuring the 'metal grass' concept created by their advertising agency Intermedia

Outdoor advertising

Advertising that’ll stop your customers in their tracks

With outdoor, you need to communicate your message in three seconds flat.

Your messages need to cut to the quick, have high visual impact, and make every bit of available ad space count.

Intermedia campaigns work hard, as does our media planning. We’ll place your adverts where they’re relevant and most likely to generate interest. Billboards, vehicle wraps, digital displays, and street furniture are all fair game in B2B advertising. Especially on routes to industrial parks, conference centres and airports. The odd travel lounge, and train station escalator too.

But outdoor has moved on. Displays continue to become smarter, as does the digital technology that drives them. We’ll help you harness data to serve dynamic adverts that are context aware. Your messages will be more relevant, personalised and more engaging.

When you’ve only three seconds to make a statement, Intermedia’s advertising will make your prospects stop, and look for six.

Map on a laptop screen displaying the locations utilised in a clean graffiti guerrilla advertising campaign Clean graffiti on a pavement being used to promote Bangor University Open days as part of a guerrilla advertising campaign

Guerrilla advertising

Give your sales prospects an experience they won’t forget in a hurry

We’re all susceptible to a smart idea, even in B2B markets. So, if you want to promote your brand in a unique low-cost way, we’ll help you think outside-the-box.

As part of your advertising strategy, we’ll help you grab the attention of your prospects in bold and novel ways to create a buzz, on and offline. You might place temporary adverts outside of your top ten sales prospects’ offices. Or use water-soluble street graffiti along business travel routes.

One way or another, we’ll make your campaigns memorable, and get people engaged. After that, it’s up to you to close the deal.

When gap personnel needed an advertising agency, they came to Intermedia

gap personnel needed an advertising agency to support their new product launch – gap onsite.

We defined a value proposition and integrated marketing campaigns that allowed the business to compete successfully against well-established competitors.

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Let us give your advertising Bigger Impact

To create and run successful advertising campaigns you need an agency that can understand strategic issues, and deliver resonating B2B messages with creative flair.

If you need innovative, eye-catching and memorable adverts to support product launches, sales pushes and brand building, talk to Intermedia.

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