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PR isn’t an initialism for press releases

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You need a PR agency with a broader remit – managing your brand reputation

Many businesses approach Public Relations [PR] with blinkers. Narrowly tasking their PR agency with writing and distributing news stories through local and industry publications.

But often, you’re left with coming up with content. Or the agency recommendations lack depth and are superficial. This results in the creation of articles that your prospects and customers find irrelevant and of no value.

And to add insult to injury, you find your agency can’t place your articles without paying for media space or colour separation charges.


Because the content was of no value to publication editors either.

You end up frustrated. You’ve wasted your time and budget.

Frequently, ‘PR’ activity is demoted to a series of unstructured sporadic articles. There’s little consideration given to the wider context of your brand’s positioning, messaging and integration with your communications mix.

Over time, this erodes your brand. And in some cases, completely alienates key stakeholders. It’ll switch them off and you won’t get them engaged again any time soon.

Intermedia’s PR services are holistic. We’ll positively shape your stakeholder attitudes and opinions whether they’re employees, shareholders, suppliers, media editors, bloggers, vloggers or your local community. All activities will be in line with your strategic marketing plan.

Through considered and consistent communications, Intermedia will reinforce your positioning. We’ll build you better relationships with people that matter to your business. And promote your products or services with greater credibility.

You need a PR agency that can identify key stakeholders and understand their needs. Providing structured content and activities, so they continue to engage and trust your brand.

We’ll create quality press releases. No fluff. No nonsense. But we’ll also make sure you benefit from our other Public Relations services too. So, in the peaks and troughs of stakeholder perception, your brand reputation will stay intact.

There’s no such thing as bad publicity?

We disagree.

Protection of your brand reputation is an essential part of winning and retaining customers. Or attracting recruits and making sure they stay.

Our PR team help clients build and maintain positive reputations. So, they can sell easier, edge closer to their commercial goals, and weather the occasional storm.

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Digital PR content created for an agency client being read on an iPhone

Intermedia will protect your brand online and offline. We’ll integrate your PR initiatives with your digital marketing activity to maximise your brand’s reach. Building awareness as fast as possible.

By being selective, and adapting your content for press and digital channels, we’ll make sure you get more bang for your buck too.

Bad publicity is never good in B2B markets. The only publicity we’ll deliver will be positive.

Mobile application designed to capture employee feedback for stakeholder management and engagement purposes
PR agency team member using an iPad to perform stakeholder mapping Stakeholder communications schedule produced for a client by their PR agency

Stakeholder management

Nobody understands which relationships matter to your business better than you. But sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. You need objectivity from an external marketers’ perspective.

When you engage Intermedia’s PR services, our first task is to identify discrete stakeholder groups, in and outside of your company. And then determine their level of interest and influence on you meeting your goals. You’re likely to get a few surprises.

Armed with these insights, we’ll craft a public relations plan with the correct mix of sustained content and activities to meet stakeholder expectations.

Intermedia will help you to understand their needs, and put a framework in place so together we can better manage stakeholder relationships and their issues.

You’ll forge stronger ties with the people that can influence your business’s success. And you’ll mitigate the risk of falling foul to scenarios that could damage your brand, and it’s earning potential.

PR agency team member taking notes from a trade pubication website on a mobile device during the content production process Video equipment used by a PR agency to produce video content for use on digital marketing channels

Content production

Stop thinking ‘press release’. Start thinking ‘content’

Before you can shape opinion, your content must engage. Churning out hackneyed press release formats won’t cut it. Let’s face it, ‘Joan from accounts did a sponsored BMX ride last weekend’, is of little interest to most stakeholders. This approach might be okay for employee news updates, or local press. But it will never engage stakeholders like national prospects, customers, or reputable publication editors.

Like you, your key stakeholders are time-poor and bombarded by magazine and online press releases. Each one shouting for attention, with few getting it.

Now, more than ever, you’ll only engage people with the most compelling articles, videos and blog posts.

We’ll help you create content that will stop them hastily turning the page. Or more aptly now, clicking on the next web link.

Our content specialists transform content into well-rounded pieces of communication. Intermedia cuts through the noise. We’ll add insight, depth and high-end production polish, to get your content noticed, shared and talked about for all the right reasons.

Content amplification

Make sure your PR content leverages the right channels, so it’s seen [and heard]

The way your stakeholders consume information has changed. With many choosing to use PCs, Apple Macs and mobile devices over paper, your PR activity needs to change too.

‘Spray-and-pray’ distribution results in your stories missing the mark. For every stakeholder you hit, you’ll hit thousands of uninterested third-parties.

You wouldn’t bet on these odds, would you?

No. Us neither. So don’t waste your money, or be stuck justifying wasted budget to your board with wishy-washy PR coverage KPI’s like Advertising Value Equivalency [AVE].

During our public relations planning phase, we’ll help you determine your stakeholders’ media consumption habits. And identify the channels that will help you reach them most cost-effectively.

With a careful balance of quality content, the right contacts, and technical know-how, we’ll get your content seen and heard.

You’ll see an uplift in repeat website visitors, more backlinks, likes, shares and mentions. And a positive correlation in increased sales leads too.

With our help, you’ll get your PR content displayed in the most influential trade publications, social channels, blogs and topical news websites. From editor and blogger outreach to paid promotion, we’ll get you shouting from the rooftops.

Sound good?

Diagram illustrating how PR content is amplified on social media created by Intermedia - the marketing and PR agency

Client stand at an event promoted by a PR agency Client stand at an event managed by a PR agency

Event management

Connect on a personal level

Amplification of quality content and on-brand messages will build positive awareness. But in B2B, marketing communications are a means to an end. You need to meet people. Look them in the eye. And develop personal rapport. Nothing can do this like a well-organised, targeted event.

Events – whether launches, conferences, or seminars – will give you the opportunity to build stakeholder confidence and gain personalised brand exposure. But they must be supported by other communications if you want people to attend.

If you need to make a splash, but don’t want the headaches, leave it to us. We’ll help you plan, organise, promote and manage your event, and take the pressure off.

And because we’re a full-service marketing communications agency, you’ll get the communications support to engage your audience[s] too. Before, during, and after. The only thing you’ll have to do is attend, walk the floor, and build rapport.

Directory of crisis management instructions and stock responses created for a client by a PR agency PR agency videographer filming a scripted cirsis management interview

Crisis management

We’ll make sure your brand isn’t left out in the cold

Sometimes crisis strikes. There’s nothing you can do to prevent it. But you can prepare and avoid making matters worse, with the help of a good PR agency.

In a world where stakeholders share news around the globe in seconds, you need preventative measures to protect your hard-earned brand reputation.

Our PR team will work with you to develop a crisis management plan. We’ll review worst-case scenarios, have appropriate responses in place, and the means to get them out to the right media channels.

As a figurehead of your business, you need never feel exposed. Intermedia will support you with media training. You’ll come across strong in interviews, be able to control difficult or hostile questions, and deliver memorable on-brand soundbites.

So whatever happens, you’ll have confidence knowing you and your brand will weather the storm.

When Boughey needed a PR agency, they chose Intermedia

When Boughey Distribution needed a PR agency to help maintain key stakeholder relationships, they called Intermedia. We’re proud to have helped with the successful launch of their 900,000 sq. ft. warehouse with community events, and regional press activity.

But it was their commitment to us unearthing newsworthy stories, and turning them into gripping content that’s delivered most bang for their buck. All distributed and amplified cross-channel for the Biggest Impact.

Learn more

Let us give your PR Bigger Impact

Anyone can write a press release [in theory]. Creating great content that resonates is a different matter.

You need a PR agency that can cover the basics and do them well. But your agency also needs the skills to create content cross-media type to the highest standard, and have command of content channels.

Avoid the one-dimensional, fluffy PR brigade. If you value your brand reputation, talk to Intermedia.

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