Innovation and marketing success in the face of global adversity

During the pandemic, Geberit faced a daunting challenge: effectively showcasing their innovative FlowFit system globally amidst the absence of physical trade fairs. They needed a novel, engaging digital approach to captivate and educate a diverse, professional audience, emphasising the efficiency, ease of installation, and revolutionary design of the FlowFit system.

We crafted an advanced CGI animation to showcase FlowFit’s installation process. This visual narrative combined technical precision with engaging storytelling, highlighting FlowFit’s ease of installation in diverse settings. Our aim was to make complex details accessible and appealing to a broad professional audience, including plumbers, architects, and engineers.

Geberit Innovation Days were a monumental success, attracting over 10,000 global professionals. The animations effectively showcased FlowFit’s innovative features and reinforced Geberit’s commitment to sustainable practices, significantly enhancing the company’s brand image in a competitive industry.

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