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You need a digital marketing agency that can transform your business – not just your website

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What makes Intermedia different from most digital marketing agencies? Simple. We understand where digital activities fit in the marketing jigsaw. They’re an integral part of your marketing communications – not a substitution for all other activity. If you want your business to grow, you need to hire a digital marketing agency that focuses on what matters. Robust, integrated communications, underpinned by a winning strategy.

Digital has changed how customers interact with your brand. And how they make purchasing decisions. 94% of B2B buyers turn to their desktops, tablets and mobiles during their buying journey. Online reviews, vlogs, blog posts and Google search positions influence buyers’ decisions more than ever. This trend is only heading in one direction – up!

Competition across digital channels is fierce. That’s why you need us in your corner.

The secret to winning more business online is straightforward. Provide buyers with appropriate information throughout the buying cycle. Show how what you offer is better than the other solutions out there. And do it in a creative, ‘platform friendly’ format to elevate your brand over and above the competition.

Digital marketing alone isn’t enough to guarantee increased sales leads, brand awareness or profits. But it’s now integral to your success or failure. You need the perfect mix of digital and traditional marketing activities to maximise brand engagement and interaction with your customer base.

Adopting the most effective channels for the task, and creating best-in-class communications is our strength. If you want to beat your competition online, Intermedia is the digital marketing agency to make it happen.

Partner with a digital agency that’ll deliver effective strategy – not irrelevant blogs and tweets

We’ve been working in digital since it began to transform marketing communications in the mid-90s.

In that time, we’ve successfully launched many clients’ brands and products online. We’ve given them significant creative stand-out, and increased web traffic and conversion rates.


Intermedia creates digital media assets to the highest standard. We strive to keep up with the latest digital marketing innovations. So, our clients’ websites and mobile apps are always relevant and on-trend. Their digital advertising campaigns are never outmoded. And key channels – like Social Media – are never ignored.

But it’s not just about tactics. They’re only as effective as the strategy behind them. Informed targeting segmentation, and positioning are vital. Our marketing strategists and digital specialists work hand-in-hand with you before committing to tactical implementation.

Tuffnells website designed by Intermedia displayed on a mobile device Landing page with gated content created for a digital marketing campaign displayed on a mobile phone Mobile version of the Boughey Distribution website designed by Intermedia
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The result?

You get a cost-effective marketing and communications plan. One that works. Your business has direction. Activities have commercial value and impact – all on budget, on schedule and on-target.

You’re likely to want a new acquisition strategy to convert more of your online traffic into customers. Or you may want your brand awareness to skyrocket. Whatever your need, talk to us. With our deep understanding of marketing strategy and the digital communications landscape, we’ll help you realise your objectives.

With state-of-the-art digital marketing technology and creative know-how, we’ll put your plan in motion.

No more irrelevant blogs or tweets!

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Website design & build

Build a website that converts prospects into customers

Your website is the focal point of your digital marketing communications. So don’t fall into the trap of relegating its build to your IT department, or a freelance designer come coder, because they’re cheap.

If you want a hard-working website and an efficient build, the task isn’t solely technical. It takes communications expertise. That is, if you want your site to contribute to your commercial objectives.

A lacklustre site breeds doubt in prospective customers’ minds. It won’t make them call you or submit their contact details. They’re more likely to click the ‘back button’ and continue their search to a competitor’s site.

So, it pays to get it right – right?

Tackling your website can be a daunting prospect. But it doesn’t have to be.

Our phased website discovery and development process will help you unearth what’s important to customers. It will arm you with the messages that’ll pique their interest. And allow you to scope your site with features, functionality and media assets that customers will actually want and use. So, they’ll be no wasted budget or development time.

With Intermedia, everything’s planned, designed and developed with two things in mind. Engage prospects and turn them into customers. And then, give them a user experience that keeps them coming back.

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Search engine optimisation [SEO]

71% of B2B purchasing research starts with a generic search – make sure you’re found

To maximise sales, you need prospective customers to find your site. They’re searching for solutions you offer and interrelated information they’re likely to find useful – not your URL.

If you expect prospects to search for your company by name, don’t expect your phone to ring off its hook. Or wait for a deluge of email enquiries.

Increased organic search visibility will improve your chances of prospects finding your site. How do you achieve this? Easy. You make your website and its content search engine friendly. Give users the information they’re searching for, and provide them with a good experience in the process.

A digital marketing agency like Intermedia will help you identify the most relevant search terms. Ones that’ll drive profitable traffic to your site. Then we’ll use them, to create content that encourages customers to buy.

Our web developers, copywriters and SEO specialists have the technical and creative know-how to move you up Google’s results pages – and drive sales.

Front cover of an eBook created for a digital marketing campaign run by Intermedia on behalf of Unifrax Digital marketing campaign map showing an integrated communications plan created for Unifrax by Intermedia's marketers

Conversion rate optimisation [CRO]

Get more of your web traffic into your sales pipeline

You want to up the percentage of visitors who contact you and request quotations. A/B split or multivariate testing will help you do it.

You’ll be able to assess how well your landing pages engage visitors.

Which media assets, body copy and calls-to-action work best? What stops people taking the next step down the sale pipeline? We’ll interrogate your web analytics and tell you. Then refine your landing pages.

Small changes can make a big difference when they’re driven with insight. With a deeper understanding of buyer behaviour and preferences, you’ll hit your web goals. And in turn, meet your marketing objectives.

You might want more contact form submissions, email list sign-ups or content downloads. Either way, we’ll create, test and refine your landing pages to improve your conversion rates. Your prospects will get a great user experience, and you’ll get value for money.

Digital marketing agency team member creating a Google Ads campaign Facebook advert featuring the Cappuccino Truck concept used in a digital marketing campaign created for Boughey Distribution

Digital advertising

Pay per ‘relevant’ click

Advertising on digital platforms can deliver your marketing messages with pinpoint accuracy. But you need to target active buyers and avoid blowing your budget on passive ‘web page turners’.

It’s easy to waste your money on PPC advertising if you don’t know what you’re doing. Search engines, Google’s display network, and social media platforms amass fortunes from ill-placed adverts.

If you want to drive buyers to your website, you need targeted adverts. You need to plan, create and monitor them with the utmost care.

That means understanding buyers’ search intent, having the ability to create adverts that always hit the mark, and the technical knowledge to leverage each digital advertising platform.

It’s a tall order. But we deliver.

If you want to avoid paying for irrelevant traffic, put Intermedia’s team to work.

Content marketing

Give your audience what they’re looking for

High-quality content that answers your audiences’ queries is an incredibly effective way of pulling prospects into your sales pipeline. It increases brand awareness, drives web traffic, and sends sales skyward – if it’s done right.

Our marketing strategists will define your target audiences and their needs. They’ll identify what your audiences are likely to be searching for online, so you can serve up relevant content in a preferable format.

Armed with these insights, our content marketing experts get to work. Crafting search engine friendly content, with customer engagement front of mind. Your prospects won’t be able to resist clicking.

But you’ll only get engagement if your audiences see your content. So, media planning is as an integral part of our content marketing process. We leverage every appropriate channel and platform to boost your brand’s visibility. Relevant blogs, trade publication websites and social media networks are all fair game.

Invest in good content. Improve your search ranking. Increase your conversion potential. And establish yourself as an industry thought leader.

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Our content generates results

478% Social Reach
3833% Engagement
1063 Submissions

Client performance metrics [month one] of an Intermedia content marketing campaign

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Email marketing

89% of marketers say it’s their primary lead generation channel

Email marketing remains an essential part of marketers’ armoury – even in the wake of GDPR legislation.

Email is a low-cost and quick way to communicate. It continues to be an excellent means to nurture prospect and customer relationships. And Cloud and CRM systems have made email campaigns even easier to create.

Everyone can write an email. But creating a campaign that encourage prospects to become customers is a job for a digital marketing agency.

If you feel like you’re drowning post-GDPR, don’t panic. Legislation has changed, but that doesn’t mean email marketing is dead. We’ll help you rebuild your email distribution lists and create compelling content.

We’ll integrate email with your other digital marketing activities, so your sales and marketing pipeline stays full. With our help, ‘hitting send’ will keep your pipeline velocity fluid. Sales will flow, and your brand will become more prominent.

Whether you’re looking for monthly newsletters, or need a three-month email campaign to support a website launch – look no further. Our designers and copywriters will give you the ammunition you need.

Digital marketer creating social media content for a client Facebook post showing a social video created to promote the Spirit product range through a digital marketing campaign

Social media

Over 50% of B2B buyers use social media to make purchase decisions

Buyer behaviour dictates your brand must have a social media presence. But managing multiple social media pages, writing and sharing scheduled content is onerous. Often getting in the way of you performing your other marketing activities.

If you need extra help with:

  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest

Our team will help you set-up and manage your company pages, create engaging content and streamline your social activity.

Search engine results page for the search term 'analytics' shown on a mobile phone marketer reviewing a social media analytics of a digital marketing campaign


Turn marketing data into commercial insight

Digital marketing is attractive to marketers because it appears easy to measure. But with the abundance of data, often you can’t see the forest for the trees. Page views, dwell time, likes, shares… What’s working, what’s not? And how do any of these measures connect with your board directors’ primary interest – the top line?

First, we’ll make sure you measure the right things. We’ll give you a framework with early, mid, and late-stage metrics for all your digital marketing activity. All linked to your business’s commercial objectives. And when marketing data starts filtering through, our analysts help you interpret it. They’ll put it into management dashboards that are quick and easy to glean insight from.

What’s your end game?

For us, it’s a no-brainer – get results, refine and improve your digital campaigns, and keep showing upward trends.

So, next time management comes asking, you’ll be confident you’ve got the information they need. You’ll show a positive correlation between your digital activity and financial results they demand.

If you want a data-driven digital marketing agency, that talks the commercial language of the board, look no further.

When Tuffnells needed a digital marketing agency, they trusted us to deliver

Tuffnells Parcels Express needed a digital marketing agency to redevelop their website. Because of our logistics sector experience and digital expertise, they chose Intermedia. After a 14-month build, we created a site to rival their main competitor.

They had a solid foundation for their digital marketing communications.

As their MD said, it’s helped the company take some “major steps forward”.

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Let us give your digital marketing Bigger Impact

You have to keep ahead of the curve to realise your marketing objectives and make your business thrive. You need a digital marketing agency that understands strategic marketing, as well as how to get the best from digital technology.

If you’re questioning your online activities’ performance, and want to improve it, talk to Intermedia.

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