From zero to hero. A journey to stand out in renewable energy

Correll faced a unique challenge at the Offshore Wind Forum, their first exhibition. Tasked with standing out among 4,000 attendees and 375 competitors, they lacked the necessary exhibition assets, sales collateral, and pre-show engagement strategies – all within a tight budget. Their goal? To differentiate their brand in the renewable energy sector and collaborate with an agency skilled in technical communications.

Amidst a sea of competitors, Correll needed to captivate the forum’s audience. Traditional corporate videos and brochures wouldn’t cut it. Our solution? A series of dynamic animation sequences. Designed to draw attention before, during, and after the show, these animations were aimed at attracting visitors to their stand and articulating complex processes and unique benefits in an engaging way.

Correll took the forum by storm. The animations weren’t just show-stoppers; they anchored a comprehensive campaign, including a pre-show email blast, a captivating landing page, an informative eBook, and impactful in-show sales material. The result? Significant leads and a budding interest in expanding these CGI assets into augmented reality for future events. Not bad for a debut?

Let us give your marketing Bigger Impact

Imagine transforming your marketing challenges into triumphs, just as Correll did. Our team is ready to craft a unique strategy that not only captures attention but also drives results. Ready for a Bigger Impact? Let’s craft a comms. plan that turns heads at your next event. Talk to Intermedia.

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