Illuminating spaces. Cutting-edge CGI transforming European brand awareness

Korniche, a luxury brand in the European market, looked to effectively communicate the adaptability and advantages of their roof lanterns and bifold doors in both modern and traditional homes. The challenge was to convey this message in a compelling way to key influencers in building design and construction.

Our approach centred on developing CGI animations that vividly showed the flexibility and benefits of Korniche’s products. These animations were designed to visually translate the product’s adaptability across various architectural styles, making it easier for architects and specifiers to envision them in their projects.

Given the peak in web page hits and dwell time, using the animations on Korniche’s website led to a deeper engagement with the building design community. By vividly showcasing how their roof lanterns enhance both modern and traditional spaces, we helped solidify their position as a versatile and innovative player in the luxury building market, marking a pivotal moment in their brand journey

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