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Your website is the foundation of your marketing communications

Marketing agency designer creating a website design on a desktop computer

Make sure it makes a positive first impression

When your customers have a problem, they’ll turn to Google for the solution. If you’re website’s found, it will be their first interaction with your brand.

It better be good, right?

Website technology moves fast. So, if you lack specialist skills and time, your website can quickly become outmoded and under-perform. Dated design, functionality and technology will discredit your brand in an instant. If you don’t stay ahead of the curve, over time, sales will fall.

If you’re looking to develop a new website, customer needs should be at the forefront of planning and design. You need to consider how to position your brand digitally, and which messages and media assets are best used to show how your solutions add customer value. You need to let prospects know that your brand is better than the rest as soon as they hit your homepage.

You might want to improve your online presence to reinforce sales activity. Maybe you need a new website that’s integrated with your back-end database and ERP systems. Or want one built with content marketing and asset creation in mind to drive inbound leads. In any case, when customers click on your website, and you’ve milliseconds to impress, we’ll make sure you do.

A clear route to successful website development

Many companies fall into the trap of focusing on web design and build. But it takes more than coding to create a winning website.

A jobbing web design agency will offer most technical skills. But you’ll need marketers who can define your value proposition, segment, and identify audiences’ needs to succeed. You need a team that can communicate with your customers – as well as Google.

Our team won’t hastily grab the nearest WordPress template and hope you don’t notice. Or rush to code web pages with gimmickry that’ll offer no value to buyers. Through our five-part web development process, we’ll understand every aspect of your business. Your directors, customer service, sales, HR and IT departments have a vital role to play. We hold a series of team workshops focusing on brand and messaging. And others that focus on in-depth project scope and phased build.

Marketer taking notes on a planning wall during a web design and build planning workshop Diagram showing Intermedia Total Marketing Solutions' web design and build process
Website design created for Tuffnells Parcels Express shown in full-screen desktop format on a laptop

The result?

You get a site that’s on ‘spec.’ and on time. With no nasty price increases further down-the-line.

Intermedia’s process guarantees you’re en-route to success. Our CIM qualified marketers and web developers ensure your new website becomes a useful marketing tool. Through meticulous planning, superior content creation and technical expertise, you’ll get a website that attracts buyers and converts them into customers.

Our web design and development services:

Custom CMS Builds
E-Commerce Sites
Back-end Integration
SEO Friendly Copywriting
Marketing agency copywriter using SEO tools to write SEO friendly copy for a client's website
play controls, for this digital marketing video
Keyframe from the Isofrax product marketing animation created by Intermedia – the B2B marketing agency – for Unifrax
Website landing page with gated content created for one of Unifrax's marketing campaigns by Intermedia displayed on a tablet

Content production

Quality content attracts visitors and converts them into qualified leads

Our capability to create relevant and engaging content sets us apart from other web design agencies. We’ll help you populate your website with content that builds trust and communicates value. It’ll be concise, hard-hitting, and motivate buyers to act.

SEO-friendly copywriting

We’ll ensure people who are most likely to become customers find your website. With comprehensive keyword research, we write copy that buyers want to read, and Google will rank.

High-end visual content

Our design studio creates imagery, video, animation and graphics with production quality, second-to-none.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a difficult proposition to convey. Or if you’ve got a complicated process to explain. We always find a way to deliver maximum clarity and visual effect. We call it Bigger Impact.

Gated downloads

Not every prospect is ready to buy when they land on your site for the first time. We’ll create guides, white papers and eBooks that coax them into your sales pipeline and your marketing database.

You’ll have them on the hook.

Web design

Digital gimmickry doesn’t lead to sales. Considered web design does

When clients ask for web design, they think in terms of design layouts. Perhaps it’s a throwback to brochure design. But the truth is, thanks to the likes of WordPress and mobile first design, there’s little difference between layouts.

Think about it...

Take the imagery and videos out of even the best sites, and you’re left with a grid. That’s why you have to invest in great content if you want to crush the competition.

Take it as read, our UX architects and designers will cover the basics, and do them well. They’ll design you a fully responsive website that works perfectly on every device; one which gives site visitors a streamlined, easy to navigate user experience. But it’s our ability to plan and craft hard-hitting communications that’ll set your site apart from your competitors’.

Every image, video and passage of copy will be considered, and designed for your users. We aren’t blinded by the latest web design trends or this year’s ‘must haves’. When we design your website we don’t lose sight of the customer journey. This way, we can create an experience that will help users reach their goals, and in the process edge them into your sales pipeline.

In our web discovery process, we focus on getting your site structure and information architecture perfect. We’ll map every part of the user journey and design every piece of your content in detail.

But don’t worry – we’ll make sure it looks a million dollars too.

You don’t deserve cheap, mediocre ‘web design’. You’ve invested a lot in building your brand and visual identity so we won’t do you the discourtesy of shoehorning it into an off-the-shelf template littered with lacklustre stock photography. Our designers craft unique layouts and populate them with media assets that do more than fill space.

Print outs of web design wireframes created by Intermedia

Client reviewing proposal during a web design and build discovery workshop with Intermedia Marketing agency web developer coding on a laptop Boughey Distribution's website design shown on a iPhone

Web development

Put your website to work

We’ll create a stunning website for you – that’s a given. Your site will look the part, and its content will drive home your messages with absolute clarity. But if you want it to work harder – no problem. We’ll deliver you a site that’s an integral part of your business’s operations.

We start with a plan.

Scoping features and functionality is a primary consideration before web development. What do your stakeholders really need? There’s no point wasting your budget on pointless gimmicks or fads if customers never use them. Right?

Having a Wishlist is fine. In fact, we hope you’ve got one. But one of our critical tasks in web discovery is to score and vet features and functionality for usefulness. Are they all needed now? Can we phase them to reduce your management time and aid your cash-flow?

Our account directors and web developers will interview your team and external stakeholders. You’ll be able to choose a web development platform based on stakeholder needs and the experience you want them to have. Or more commonly, having seen the feedback from interviews, you’ll opt for a custom build. One that ties more closely with your departmental operations.

Our front-end development team use their extensive technical skills to bring your web specification to life, using a combination HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Back-end developers will ensure your new site interfaces with your databases and web applications. So, when your website goes live, each click performs the right action.

You may have used cheap and cheerful web themes in the past. Now you want to do it properly and need a clean PHP framework, so your brand is better deployed online. Or you need a custom content management system [CMS] to underpin your content marketing initiative in line with the way your business and people work.

Are you looking to venture into e-commerce? Perhaps you’re looking for something heavyweight and want complete integration with your business process management software? It doesn’t matter how complex the task, we’ve got you covered.

If you want your website to work, put Intermedia to work.

Support and reviews

Now you’ve got an industry-leading website, what next?

So, we’ve designed, built, and launched your website. It’s got great content and your climbing the search engine results pages. Better still, your generating leads hand over fist. But the job’s far from over.

Many businesses fall into the trap of leaving their website to rot, thinking it was a one-off cost. Six years down the line, the site doesn’t represent their businesses or what they offer. Technology has changed, their site is near falling over. Customers complain, at least behind closed doors, and leads dry up fast. Brand credibility is shot. Eventually, you’re back at square one. Your site needs an overhaul. A time-consuming project lies ahead, and you’ll have to invest much more than you would’ve done if you’d kept on top of things.

Let’s avoid this scenario.

Short-term, our team will be on hand to help you amend content and make additions post-launch. And we’ll take care of any minor bug-fixes and updates as technology changes. With Intermedia, you’ll have the technical support you need to make sure everything’s running smoothly, and there’s no interruption in service.

But a factor many businesses forget is the need for ongoing review. We suggest to our clients that we review stakeholders’ needs and their markets every three months. That way, we can assess if there’s a genuine requirement for new content, features and functions with simple cost-benefit analysis. If there’s a need and budget’s available, we work to deliver them in time for the next review.

From simple content upload to integrating something more substantial, we’ll give you the ongoing support and review process to keep you ahead of the pack.

Marketing agency account manager discussing website analytics with a client Marketer analysing wesbite data after site launch


Use data to drive better marketing decisions

Capturing the right data, and the ability to analyse it is key to unlocking powerful insight. We’re not talking about looking at pages views and dwell time in isolation; even though analysis of web data is essential and can be powerful in its own right. But synthesising website data with other business metrics, so you can better understand customer behaviour and their needs. It will drive the improvement of your online activities. And influence your strategic decision making. Do you need to segment your customers with more granularity? Is your product or service still relevant? Do you need to innovate? The data holds the answers.

We’ll cover the basics. We’ll gather the data to help you understand how prospective customers find your website, how they interact with your content, and what you can do to improve their experience. So, you can optimise your conversion rate.

And if you let us, we’ll combine your web data with your internal and external metrics. We’ll turn that data into useful information that drives insight. Then you’ll be able to make decisions to keep your business competitive with confidence.

When Tuffnells needed a new website, they trusted Intermedia

Tuffnells’ website was nine years old, and it showed. It was outmoded, both visually and technically. It frustrated customers and made them steer clear.

Our designers gave the site a total revamp; while our developers created functionality that customers demand from a leading logistics company. Tuffnells’ customers can now access their accounts, track parcels and book new deliveries hassle-free.

By the end of the project Tuffnells had made “significant” progress – both online, and as a business.

Learn more

Let us give your marketing Bigger Impact

You want a website that attracts and converts active buyers. So, don’t waste your time with ‘one-trick pony’ web suppliers who’ll offer you a templated brochure site – at best. Hire an experienced digital marketing agency who create marketing content, as well as design and code.

If you want to re-energise your tired looking website, climb up Google’s search results and better engage your site’s visitors, talk to Intermedia.

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