Because Even the Best Can Use a Boost

We’re not a Manchester agency. We’re a top-flight B2B marketing agency in Manchester. That’s good for you. Because when chasing new business is tougher than ever, you need a marketing agency with a predator’s instinct. One that combines incisive strategy with award-winning creativity. You need Bigger Thinking, Bigger Impact. You need Intermedia.

B2B Marketing Campaigns for Manchester-Based Clients

A B2B Marketing Agency on Your Doorstep – So What?

Perhaps you’ve searched for a B2B marketing agency in Manchester and realised most aren’t specialists at all.

We are. B2B is what we’re perfectly evolved to do.

Why does that matter? Because there’s value in having your account directors and creative teams close by. In having us pop across to review your strategic marketing plans at short notice or make design iterations of your new website together.

But local shouldn’t mean parochial.

Chances are, like many of our clients, you have customers far and wide, perhaps even internationally. But when you’re responsible for the marketing of a business with a turnover in the tens of millions, and your board is demanding results, the last thing you want is a long-distance agency relationship. Or, even if they’re closer, to be fobbed off with a lame “Let’s schedule a meeting next week or a video call on Friday”.

When you’re under pressure, you need us there, where we can make the difference – and make a Bigger Impact.

The Best B2B Marketing Agency in Manchester?

“Working with a Manchester B2B marketing agency that understands our businesses challenges and the nature of the markets we operate in has given us a huge advantage in terms of the quality of our strategic marketing advice and the responsiveness of a truly local team.”

A Local Client’s Perspective

Strategically Placed to Meet Your Commercial B2B Challenges

We’ve worked on your side of the fence. We understand you fight tooth and nail to get budgets approved. That your team is often stretched to breaking point. And that time to adapt to new trends and develop new skills to take your business to the next level is in short supply. The last thing you need is to worry if your agency will be there when you need them.

We understand you need more than aimless, cut-price, ‘cut straight to the creative’ operators to support you. Our Bigger Thinking, Bigger Impact approach means our primary focus is on commercial problem-solving for B2B sectors. Way before we fire up Photoshop, Hootsuite, or start writing code – we’ll work with you to assess and resolve your strategic issues. And only then propose commercially justifiable marketing communications.

Ansoff matrix often used by B2B marketing agencies in Manchester
B2B Marketing planning in an Intermedia workshop in Manchester

It’s Simple. You Get More from a Closer Working Relationship

Because we’re closer to your business, we can get closer to your business problems. Be part of your team rather than an arm’s length supplier. Shorten the lines of communication, and the time it takes to deliver marketing solutions to your commercial challenges. So you and your board directors get the results and high customer service levels that should be a given, not a nice to have.

Whether you want to build national awareness from Trafford Park or increase international sales from Audenshaw, our CIM qualified marketers are here to provide you with a clear roadmap to bridge the gap between where your business is now. And where you want it to be.

Marketing Services without Boundaries

Our outcome-based, strategic approach to marketing works for any sector, in any market – local, national or international.

So, if you’re aiming to strengthen your marketing planning, improve returns from your digital marketing investment or align your branding with the needs of today’s B2B customers, our resources and expertise are all you need.

Because ours is a full B2B marketing service offer – and because we’re local to your offices – you don’t need to spend time liaising with different suppliers for different services. Instead, you can consolidate them all with Intermedia in total confidence. And focus your efforts on managing and building your department or your business.

Bigger Thinking Where You Need it, for Bigger Impact Where it Matters

Wherever you want to take your business, our Bigger Thinking approach will help you get it there. We’ll use proven, strategic B2B marketing principles to plan and execute a marketing strategy that’s 100% aligned with your business goals.

Other agencies might convince you creative design or short-term social media tactics are the answer to your marketing challenges. They’re not, and they never will be. Disciplined research, analysis and planning, allied with measurable commercial outcomes are what it takes.

There are no shortcuts, apart from the short journey between our offices and yours.

No matter what your ambitions – repositioning your brand, a bigger market share or expansion into new markets talk to Intermedia.

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