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How to make your website go from ‘zero to hero’

Animation showing the key stages of the retouch used to create the Tuffnells 'hero' concept

The challenge

The Connect Group had acquired Tuffnells Parcels Express – The Big Green Parcel Machine. The group wanted to grow, and the business faced change on every front.

But this didn’t faze Tuffnells’ new senior team. They’d big brand experience and were seasoned in change management. The team were well aware of the impact marketing would have on fuelling growth. So, it was high on the agenda. Fixing Tuffnells’ outmoded website was the first task – management wanted to take it from ‘zero to hero’.

Neglected and no longer fit for purpose, the existing website did nothing for Tuffnells’ credibility. It damaged the brand. And, with a new European service set to launch, site redevelopment was a must.

Tuffnells needed to put their best foot forward. Communication and positive customer experience had to come first. But the opportunity to improve operations couldn’t be missed. So seamless back-end system integration was high-up the list of priorities too.

Having no marketing team or website coders in-house, Tuffnells needed external help.

Tuffnells Parcels Express website designed by Intermedia Total Marketing Solutions shown on an iPad
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Keyframe from the Big Green Parcel Machine marketing animation created by Intermedia – the B2B marketing agency – for Tufnells Parcel Express

The thinking

The current site was incoherent with feature led copy, which had no obvious customer benefits. On inspection, we counted over 30 messages – many conflicted. The site structure was confusing and stopped customers from getting the information they needed. It was costing Tuffnells business.

We held meetings with Tuffnells’ UK and European sales, customer service and IT teams. By using the first phase of our five-step web development process, we explored where the brand added value. When we delved into customer benefits, one overarching theme kept coming up… local.

Tuffnells’ depots were winning business on local knowledge and highly personalised service. Their competitors were global names, but faceless. And unlike Tuffnells’, suffered from inconsistent customer service.

With eight other ‘valid’ customer benefits identified, Tuffnells’ competitive advantage was clear. They had the basis for brand repositioning, a value proposition and supporting messaging. They’d a credible foundation for their traditional and digital marketing.

We researched and explored website features that customers would find useful. To make the best use of short-term budget, they got ranked for phased implementation. And to optimise user experience, we mapped out efficient customer journey flows. After a few iterations, we had an approved site structure. Customers would find relevant web pages, and useful functionality – in a few clicks.

Wireframes of the Tuffnells Parcels Express website drawn by Intermedia's web designers Digital marketing agency web developer updating module permissions in the back-end of a Drupal website
Retouched photograph of a Tuffnells truck on the road created by Intermedia for their new website and other communications
Composite image showing a female holding a location pin created for the Tuffnells website designed and built by Intermedia Composite image showing a male and female holding a 'Q&A' created for the Tuffnells website designed and built by Intermedia Retouched photograph of a Tuffnells warehouse worker created by intermedia for use on their new website

The impact

Homepage imagery needed to compliment Tuffnells’ new headline: “Your promises delivered by Big Green’s local teams”. It also had to stand-out. So, we art-directed a stunning composite shot. Three models stood in stoic poses – exuding confidence. Big Green’s trucks punched out of frame. And, in the distance, the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben alluded to Tuffnells’ new European service.

We created a suite of supplementary media assets too. They aided communication, and some even supported Tuffnells’ operations. Repacking customer packages decreased Tuffnells’ efficiency and reduced margins. So, we created infographics showing how to pack the most awkward shapes and sizes. Customers could do their bit to ready parcels for pick-up and delivery. The infographics saved Tuffnells time – and a load of parcel tape. I bet you didn’t think graphics could work that hard!

Our wireframe layouts and page designs respected Tuffnells’ brand guidelines. But we moved them forward for digital use, as the site needed an on-trend, contemporary ‘look and feel’. Faultless back-end integration provided robust Track & Trace and depot locator features.

Before launch, all functionality was stress-tested with the IT team’s help. We made sure customers would have a positive experience with no service interruptions, even when web traffic was high.

After a 14-month build, we created a site to rival their main competitor, TNT. It was jam-packed with features you’d expect from a leading logistics company. User experience had come on leaps and bounds.

Tuffnells now had a website that differentiated them and communicated their value to customers. They received glowing feedback. Traffic surged, as did enquiries. The new site did its job.

An integrated three-part direct mail campaign launched the new website and Tuffnells’ European delivery service. Orders came thick and fast.

In the commercial director’s words, the marketing investment “more than washed its face”.

Let’s make sure yours does too.

Marketing agency designer creating artwork in Indesign for Tuffnells direct mail campaign Direct mail piece created by Intermedia to promote the launch of the website they created for Tuffnells Parcels Express

We let our clients do the talking

“Intermedia has really helped us to refine our position within the distribution sector. The company’s knowledge of strategic marketing, coupled with its ability to conceptualise, and then deliver what we were trying to achieve was impressive. The projects we have completed to date represent major steps forward for the business and we are already seeing quantifiable results. We are looking forward to continuing to develop on what we have started.”

Managing Director, Tuffnells Parcels Express

Let us give your marketing Bigger Impact

Tuffnells listened to us. They built a credible foundation before jumping into website design and build. They focused on developing a robust strategy and integrated communications, rather than plug-ins and widgets.

They started right and reaped the rewards. You can too – talk to Intermedia.

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