CGI/ Immersive

Reinventing reality for leading industrial brands

Drive sales and deepen engagement

Transform your customer interactions and ABM campaigns with pioneering creativity. Using CGI, animation, and immersive tech of VR/ AR – XR, we craft captivating and interactive experiences that seamlessly connect your products with your key audiences – from customers and employees to investors – fostering deeper understanding and engagement.

Turbocharge your sales cycle

Let decision-makers experience your innovations – from advanced wind turbines to next-generation electric motors – accessible across devices. Our immersive demos simplify complex products, enabling a clearer understanding of your value proposition from anywhere in the world.

Maximise brand impact across channels

Create and reuse CGI assets to push your brand’s visibility to new heights. We turn them into whatever’s needed to meet your goals, from dynamic social media posts to interactive 3D trade show displays and eye-catching ad campaigns. This way, your brand stays in the spotlight, and your budget gets the most bang for its buck.

Slash the cost of poor quality and incidents

Trade in expensive, old-school training with our custom-designed, hyper-realistic simulations, perfect for reinforcing manufacturing safety protocols or chemical handling procedures. Our advanced modules highlight critical points and concepts to make them stick – ensuring a clearer grasp, increased skill retention, and, most notably, reduction in operational risks.

Turn customers into brand champions

Ramp up post-sale support and CLV [customer lifetime value] with our virtual and AR guides. These versatile tools not only nurture brand loyalty and elevate your reputation but also double as powerful training resources for new employee onboarding and skill development of existing staff.

Let us give your stakeholder engagement Bigger Impact

Our expertise goes beyond just CGI; it’s our strategic marketing insight that truly sets us apart. From immersive virtual investor events to innovative product configurators, we integrate these seamlessly into your broader ABM and marketing strategies. Reinvent the way you engage – talk to Intermedia.

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