How do we work?

It’s simple. We Think Bigger to deliver Bigger Impact

Through strategic marketing planning and unrivalled creative execution, we’ll bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

B2B marketing agency using sticky notes to brainstorm during a planning session with a client

We’re in the business of creating marketing assets, not liabilities

Great creative work is only as good as the planning behind it. You need business acumen and creative flair to realise your marketing objectives. We’ve got both in spades – and the results to prove it.

Unlike other agencies, we’ll get to the heart of your business and marketing challenge[s] first. We won’t race to get our pencils and markers out. Or hastily show you ‘pretty’ layouts and digital marketing gimmickry. Only to find your budget burnt and your reputation in tatters six months down the line.

Our Bigger Thinking, Bigger Impact philosophy removes risk and doubt from your investment decisions. You’ll have certainty in your marketing activities’ ability to keep your stakeholders engaged, win new business and keep your balance sheet positive.

Intermedia, the strategic marketing partner of choice

Bang in the North West’s creative hub – MediaCityUK, we’re ideally located to give you the service you need. But if you’re further afield and like what we do, no sweat. Our marketing strategists and creatives are always ready to travel.

We bring plenty to the party. We’ve worked cross-sector in B2B and B2C markets. And assisted companies in various parts of the supply chain.

With extensive commercial experience in corporate and medium-sized businesses, there aren’t many marketing challenges we haven’t seen. We know what it takes to solve them, and know that teamwork plays a huge role, which is why our people often become an extension of your own.

Marketing agency client writing on sticky notes stuck to a wall during a planning workshop Marketing campaign map created for Boughey Distribution shown on a MacBook during a meeting
Ansoff matrix on a worksheet used in marketing planning workshops by Intermedia

When we meet you our goal is simple. Make you money, save you money, and make your life easier. And along the way, build trust. With us, marketing is an intrinsic part of business. We understand that trebling market share, sending brand awareness north, and moving into new markets take board-level commitment.

That’s what makes us a business partner of choice. You’ll be dealing with senior people that understand business. A real strategic marketing partner, who’ll strive to make your business better than when you found us.

Close up of a blue pencil and protractor on a desk inside a marketing agency office

Strategic – creative – collaborative. A results driven process

While many agencies wade into ‘creative’ with both feet, we don’t. We plan first. We’re not talking about conceptual work, channel or media planning, at least not straight-away.

Many clients haven’t the luxury of a marketing director or team. If you’ve no marketing in-house, we’ll work with you to resolve strategic marketing issues, such as brand positioning, segmentation and value proposition creation.

If you’re a marketing director or manager – great. We talk your language. You might need strategic support in a specific area because you’re time poor. Or you might just want us to crack on with a brief. If you’ve got one ready, we can start straight away.

Whatever you present us with, we’ve got a logical process that delivers.

Agency team member stood next to board filled with notes during a marketing planning workshop Intermedia branding process diagram printed out on A3 paper for use in a branding workshop
Diagram of the Intermedia 'marketing planning' process shown on a worksheet used in marketing workshops

In every business, it’s about people. We start by getting to know your team, aspirations and stakeholders through structured workshops and interviews. The outputs determine your competitive positioning, and how best to communicate the value you offer – your proposition. We’ll then craft messages to differentiate your brand. Only then do we let our creative team loose.

They’ll transform your long-hand marketing messages into attention-grabbing Big Ideas. Concepts that’ll engage stakeholders and attract your customers. Media planners define the optimal mix of traditional and digital channels to suit your budget. And our diverse studio employs the latest creative trends, digital skills, and automation technologies to bring your campaign to life.

From start to finish, we’re driven by data. Using salient metrics, we track progress and report at key intervals. We’ll make campaign refinements, and you’ll get better results. Constant monitoring ensures each marketing pound you invest works as hard as possible.

Together, we’ll create marketing campaigns to make your brand stand out and give you more bang for your buck.

For best-in-class service, use best-in-class people

Intermedia’s people are specialists. Each contributes to your success with their unique skill and mastery of their respective marketing disciplines.

Hard-won experience of our CIM qualified marketers gives problem-solving insight to move your strategy forward. While print and digital experts keep you ahead of the curve with the latest techniques and innovations.

But the senior team’s focus is perhaps most important. Their mission is to leverage our knowledge and capabilities, so you get best-in-class service. They know how to get the best from our team to deliver the results you demand.

Nik Stapleton, Managing Director of Intermedia Total Marketing Solutions

Nik Stapleton

Managing Director

“I’m driven to make Intermedia’s clients more successful. I aim to exceed their marketing objectives, whatever they are. They might want to increase brand awareness. Maybe they’re entering new markets or want to capitalise on existing ones. I’ll make sure we engage their stakeholders so their brands can become more profitable.”

Nik is a Managing Director who leads from the front. He’s involved in every Intermedia project, guiding strategic marketing planning and campaign development. As a chartered marketer, with 28 years’ cross-sector experience in the UK and USA, he’ll bring his skills to bear, so your business thrives.

Dino Maddalenna, Creative Director of Intermedia Total Marketing Solutions

Dino Maddalena

Creative Director

“My strength is bringing our clients marketing messages to life. Creation of Big Ideas is my game – creating high impact marketing communications. It doesn’t matter what marketing channel you want to use. I make sure we deliver first-rate creative work that’s spot on for your target audience.”

Dino is a gatekeeper of quality for Intermedia’s creative outputs. As a classically trained ad-man with 34 years’ experience, he’s a master in communicating messages in striking ways. His Big Ideas [concepts] will leave your target audience saying, “I get it, and I want it”.

Mike Neild, Operations Director of Intermedia Total Marketing Solutions

Mike Nield

Operations Director

“I make sure client expectations become a reality. I manage all aspects of creative, print and digital production, so you get marketing communications to the high-standard you want, when you need them.”

Mike’s career stretches back to 1989 when he started out as a Graphic Designer. Over his 29-year career, Mike has developed a well-rounded understanding of design and user experience. He ensures creative production runs to a tight schedule to deliver your campaigns on time.

We let our work do the talking... [mostly]

But from time to time, we like to mention the fair share of industry awards we’ve won...

Campaign Poster Awards, Campaign Press Awards, London International Awards, New York Festival Awards, Institute Of Practitioners In Advertising Awards, Institute Of Sales Promotion Awards, Clios, Roses And Cream Awards

Not bad, eh?

We hope our portfolio and client testimonials will convince you of our ability to help you. But if they’re not, perhaps our trophy cabinet will!

What do our clients say about working with us?

“It was good to work with a digital marketing and creative agency that was prepared to put so much time and effort into our success. The collaboration between our teams has meant we’ve secured orders from every one of the customers we targeted. We couldn’t have been in safer hands.”

Paul Islip – Managing Director, Spirit

Let us give your marketing Bigger Impact

Brand repositioning or increasing market share are jobs for qualified marketers. Don’t leave these tasks to technicians or designers. Even if you think it’s cheaper, it’ll be a false economy.

You need experts that understand business, stakeholder needs, marketing process, and best practice.

If you want positive outcomes, not just creative or technical outputs, talk to Intermedia.

Digital World Centre, 1 Lowry Plaza,
The Quays, MediaCityUK,
Manchester, M50 3UB

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