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Horizon Scanning – what could impact your business in the future?

Written by Mike Nield, 03.03.2017

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Business man in VR headset – representing technological innovation in business

The world of B2B is changing before our eyes. We may not be able to see it and feel it on a day-to-day basis, but it is. In reality,  science-fiction is rapidly becoming science-fact, with the trialling and testing of deliveries by drone and the eventual mass introduction of driverless vehicles, which are just two inevitabilities of the next 10 years.  We may not all be living in Perspex pods and driving hovercars, but we are a lot closer to some big societal and commercial changes than many people are aware of.

Horizons are broadening and expectations are higher than ever before. You need a robust, effective strategy in place now, which will enable you to embrace the future, whatever it brings. The impacts of ongoing change will not perhaps be felt at ground-level for years to come. But being prepared for such change needs to be at the forefront of your mind when planning your marketing strategy and positioning your brand at the forefront of your sector.

Technology is the single biggest force driving change in the business world. Years ago, businesses produced, marketers promoted to a wide range of consumers and sales were generated. But increasingly, the present processes are evolving into more fluid models, with interaction between customers and businesses being much more two-way and more immediate, marketing messages need to be delivered to audiences in ways totally unheard of a decade ago. As a result, many traditional marketing strategies have become ineffective. It is imperative that change is acknowledged and responded to accordingly.

Traditional avenues of approach and contact have shifted, to involve a great deal more reciprocation between business and customer. If an audience is dissatisfied, it can let the world know loud and clear. Horizon scanning is an important part of ongoing marketing development and being aware and conversant with innovations is intrinsic to strategic positioning that captures your target audience. But with the pace of change, futureproofing is becoming an increasingly short-term endeavour.  It is now more important than ever to develop a marketing strategy that will help you keep step no matter what the future holds.

Make sure that your business can take change in its stride by looking ahead and establishing a strategy that has longevity. Talk to Intermedia.

Originally published March 3, 2017 16:20pm, updated September 30, 2020

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